Access .NET app running in Windows VM from host computer using VMWare Fusion 8

Visual Studio

I spent a ton of time figuring this out today. We're in the process of moving from Windows to Macos and this makes .Net dev work a ton easier on Mac. Hope this helps!

Assumptions made for this tutorial:

  • VMWare Fusion 8
  • Windows 10 VM
  • IIS Express/Visual Studio project


  • Make sure in your VM's Settings under Network Adapter is configured to share the ip of the VM with the host computer
  • Add an inbound rule to the Windows firewall allowing connections from the port your project starts on
  • Run ipconfig in CMD and get the ipv4 address of the Windows box
  • Go to $projectDirectory > (this is a hidden folder) .vs > config > applicationhost.config and edit anywhere it says localhost to the ip you copied
  • Instead of using localhost:$port you can use ip:$port!


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