Wanhao Duplicator 6 // Monoprice Maker Ultimate configs

This blog post is a living documentation of my Wanhao Duplicator 6 / Monoprice Maker Ultimate printer.

  • printer.cfg -- Klipper config
    • Bltouch support
    • 10x10 mesh height map calibration
    • Force move Z without homing
  • petg-superslicer-config.ini -- PETG settings for SuperSlicer
    • Features a prime line after heating from 05, 30 -> 05, 170 -> 07, 170 -> 07, 30
      • This eliminates the need for skirts or brims!

If you wish to use these configs as a starting point for your Wanhao D6, you may want to consider the modifcations I've made. Without mods, the Wanhao D6 is basically unusable (in my opinion)


  • OEM enclosure
  • Microswiss all metal hotend and slotted heat sink
  • Triangle Labs direct drive extruder (mounted with Bondtech machined metal mount and Bondtech PCB holder)
    • Replaced the extruder motor with a pancake motor to prevent build area loss
    • 42x42x23mm, 1.8 deg. step angle (200 steps/rev), 1A/3.5ohms/4.1V, 13Ncm
  • BLTouch
  • Left and right hand mounted 24v 4010 radial fans wired in parallel into PCB fan slot (no build area loss!)
  • Silicone boot for hotend -- important to avoid cooling down the hotend and prevent errors: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2216683
  • Wire management clip for the direct drive mount
  • Mirror on top of build plate (removed the buildtak the printer came with)

Non functional (ish) mods:

Useful links:

hot end top hot end bottom

If you have any questions, feel free to open an issue and I will do my best to help out!

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