Open Source Contributions

Contributions I've made to packages not owned or maintained by me

I also have a bunch of first party open source packages! Check out my projects page for a list of those!

a git visual

ente Authenticator (auth app) --- Add Lastpass Authenticator import

  • Pull Request:
  • This feature allows users to easily transfer their Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) 2-factor authentication codes from LastPass Authenticator to the ente Authenticator app.
    • To use this feature, use the "Transfer accounts" option within Lastpass Authenticator Settings and press "Export accounts to file". Then import the JSON downloaded in the ente Authenticator app.

Prerenderer --- add warning if html-webpack-plugin is not found

  • Pull Request:
  • This change addresses three things for the prerenderer webpack plugin:
    • makes it ultra clear that HtmlWebpackPlugin is required and why
    • logging an error if during compilation if HtmlWebpackPlugin is not used -- if you don't use the HtmlWebpackPlugin, the afterEmit hook doesn't do anything and the plugin silently does nothing
    • logging an error if the entryPath is not found in the assets

VerneMQ Operator --- Update image location & change operator deployment apiVersion #22

  • Pull Request:
  • This change was a result of my findings deploying the VMQ Operator to Kubernetes
    • Update base image to vernemq/vernemq
    • make operator deployment v1 instead of v1beta since in k8s 1.16 the apis have changed
    • all Deployments api/v1beta2 -> apps/v1
    • undo apiVersion change for node-exporter-daemonset

hs100 --- Add build instructions for Ubuntu & remove make from build instructions

  • Pull Request:
  • Just some documentation updates because I'm not a C developer in my day-to-day so it wasn't apparent to me how to build the binary. So I added some instructions to save the next person 5-15 minutes.

bumper --- add LOG_TO_STDOUT env var

docker-transmission-openvpn --- Add LOG_TO_STDOUT environment variable + documentation

docker-transmission-openvpn --- Remove DOCKER_LOG in favor of LOG_TO_STDOUT

odfe-monitor-cli --- Backup full destination info

terraform-provider-datadog --- Update documentation for synthetic retry syntax

runelite --- Wintertodt plugin: Round start notification