0waste - landfill/recycling/compost classifier

Microsoft Vision APIs  JavaScript  CSS  Html

GitHub | Devpost

A garbage classification application and website powered by image recognition. Won Best Environmental Hack at EarthxHack 2018 Hackathon.

kusha.me - My Portfolio Website

VueJS 2.0  Vue Resource  JavaScript  Scss  Webpack

GitHub | kusha.me (recursive loop! don't press!)

The website you are currently on.

MoodMusic - Built with IBM Watson

NodeJS  PostgreSQL  IBM Watson APIs  Twitter's Bootstrap


A web based conversational chatbot that attempts to analyze a user’s mood to offer song suggestions based on how they’re feeling. Moodmusic uses IBM Watson's Natural Language Classifier to figure out a user's mood and searches our database of music classified by mood to generate a playlist of music of mood.

DMSAddToCal - Chrome Extention


GitHub | Chrome Web Store

A little extension to add a add to calendar button on the individual http://dallasmakerspace.org/ event pages.

YoutubeNotGif - Chrome Extention


GitHub | Chrome Web Store

Chrome extention that marks all youtube links as [YOUTUBE] in bold and hot pink on Reddit.

[OLD][v1]kusha.me - My Portfolio Website

AngularJS 1  TypeScript  JavaScript  HTML/CSS3  Scss  Bower/NPM  Gulp


v1 of kusha.me

A Project Management App

ASP.Net MVC 5  SQL Server 2013  Razor/HTML/CSS  JavaScript

GitHub | Azure Live Demo Link

A project management application which allows you to create boards for projects, tasks within those boards, and move tasks to different stages of development. Made for my Human Computer Interactions as final project.

Kinect-v2 Test Application

C#  Kinect v2 SDK  WPF/XAML


This program was built to familiarize myself with the Kinect v2 C# SDK. The program dectects your palms and adds a ball with collisons ablities. Realistic 2D ball physics ported from 'Super Fill Up' game.

Vectors Library in Java



Just a simple vector math library for reference and easy porting.

Super Fill Up - 2D Ball physics simulation



Super Fill Up's objective is to fill the screen up with a limited supply of lives. Written in Java for project in high school senior computer science. Notable features: ball physics and collisions.

LuckySe7ens - Dice Game



Under Over 7 dice game created for probability project in high school sophomore math class. Features simple animations using Java. The object of the game is to predict whether the dice will roll to a total of under 7 or over 7 or at 7.